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The headquarters and official observing site for LASS is located near Lipan, Texas, a small rural community that is centrally located between Weatherford, Mineral Wells, Stephenville, and Granbury. Our primary objective is to share our mutual interest in astronomy with anyone in the area that wants to be a part of an organized club. Club observing sessions are held once a month on a published schedule.

Membership in LASS is free to anyone desiring to associate themselves with the local club. There are no monthly or yearly dues and members are not required to attend any gatherings in order to keep their membership active. However, you must indicate a desire to become a member before being placed on the membership rolls. For purposes of associating with other astronomy organizations, a formal membership roll is maintained by the club.

Experience level of current members ranges from inexperienced to avid amateur. There are at least eight telescopes and associated equipment owned by club members who are willing and eager to share their equipment with all members. There is no requirement for anyone to own a telescope or other observing equipment however, one objective of LASS is to generate enough interest in its members to cause them to want to purchase a personal telescope.

Visiting an astronomy club is one of the very best ways to determine if this night time activity is for you. There is no better place to find out what amateur astronomy is all about than a local astronomy club. Come and see what the members talk about, what they look for in the sky, and what they like to observe. You will find some the most friendly folks you would ever hope to meet at our observing sessions. It is also an excellent place to check out the many types and sizes of telescopes that might interest you.

Contact point for LASS is:



LIPAN, TX 76462



1727 CR 182

Stephenville,Tx 76401